A child’s life is precious.

We empower parents and carers with the essential knowledge and skills to confidently care for sick or injured children.

Taught by Paediatric Nurses and Midwives

Our expert educators teach baby and child specific CPR, First Aid and recognition of the sick child

  • Family setting

    Families, friends & carers

    The perfect course to instruct you on baby and child CPR and the most common First Aid situations affecting children. Learn at home with friends and family, when it suits you.

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  • Pre-school teacher and child in classroom

    Knowledge for Life

    This unique class will not only cover CPR and First Aid topics but will also teach you how to prevent, recognise and respond to common childhood illnesses.

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  • Community setting

    Corporate wellness program

    Learn at work with our corporate wellness program. Build employees' confidence and skills in prevention and effective management of illness and injury in children.

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A life. A finger. A pea up a nose.

A practical guide to baby and child First Aid

This book gives families and carers practical advice on what to do in an emergency situation. From resuscitation, broken bones, choking and drowning to splinters and everything in between, this essential guide empowers parents with step-by-step advice on how to help their precious little ones safely and effectively should an accident happen.

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What people are saying about CPR Kids

We love to hear back from you about the impact we've made in your lives.

  • Without any hesitation we knew exactly what to do because of what we'd learnt at CPR Kids.

    – Clare, Crow's Nest

  • Fingers crossed I never need to put to practice any of the teachings! But if I do, I feel very well equipped.

    – Nicola, Neutral Bay