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By Casey De Farria
Casey De Farria
10 Jun, 2019

Headaches in kids – and when to worry

Recently, we had an inquiry about headaches after a CPR Kids follower had her daughter go through a migraine episode. These attacks are a scary thing – not just to experience yourself, but to witness your child go through.

It can be hard to tell when it’s “just a bad headache” or when it could be something more serious.

Headaches are generally quite common with children and nothing to worry about. However, you should see a Doctor if any of the below are applicable;

  • The headaches begin to disrupt your child’s school, home or social life
  • Your child is having a headache more than once a week
  • The headache wakes your child from sleep
  • The headache is still present and worse in the morning
  • The headache is associated with vision changes, vomiting or high fevers
  • The headache is the result of an injury
  • You identify that stress is causing your child’s headaches but cannot manage it without further help. 

If you think the headache is just a ‘normal’, manageable one and is nothing to worry further about, treatment at home can be as simple as relaxing and making sure fluids are up. A cool, wet cloth placed on the forehead may help relieve the headache, and massaging or stretching the head and neck muscles if they are tight or tender may also help.

If you find headaches are impacting your child’s life frequently, or have any concerns for any reason, keep a headache diary. This should include;

  • When the headache started
  • A trigger, if it’s discernable
  • How long the headache lasted
  • Where it was located
  • A scale of the severity from 1-10
  • If it was managed easily at home
  • How the child slept the night before
  • Any other accompanying symptoms

For more great advice on managing headaches in children and young adults, visit The Royal Children’s Hospital site.

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