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By Casey De Farria
Casey De Farria
17 Jun, 2019

Finding the strength to push

… and we’re not talking about birth!

When attending our classes, many people express their shock in just how much strength needs to go into performing CPR, and hesitate or feel “wrong” when giving the recommended amount of force. To be exact, the compression should go 1/3 the depth of the chest, of the person you are giving CPR to.

The recommendations are two fingers for babies and either one or two hands on a child – depending on the size of the child and your ability to compress down to 1/3 the depth of their chest.

Remember, these are guidelines – you do whatever you need to do to achieve compressions 1/3 of the depth of the chest.

It can feel scary when doing this in practice. It is important to not feel afraid to push as hard as necessary if performing CPR on a person who requires it. The same goes for when performing back blows on a child who is choking. It does take force! Rest assured though that often, if an emergency situation is unfolding, your adrenaline will kick in and you will naturally use what strength you need to save a child.

Similar to not being afraid to make the 000 call when necessary – don’t hesitate, because it can make the difference of saving a life.

*Remember, always follow DRSABCD to determine when CPR is required.

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