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By Casey De Farria
Casey De Farria
09 Jan, 2020

Trampolines, Summer break, and the dreaded double bounce

You might have heard an interview some time ago, with celebrity cook Donna Hay. Donna recounts the day her 12 year old son was taken to hospital by paramedics with a suspected neck injury after an incident on the family trampoline. 

Sadly, this is not uncommon. On average, there are just under 2000 trampling injuries reported in Australia every year. 

Trampolines are a fantastic way for kids to have fun, get exercise and build their motor skills and coordination. The important thing to remember is that whilst they are a fantastic addition to the backyard, there are certain things that dramatically increase the risk of injuries, when using a trampoline.

Remember when you were a kid and you would try to “double bounce” your siblings? Of the injuries associated with trampolines every year, more than half were fractures, often caused by  being ‘double bounced’ – one jumper hits the mat, and is bounced up higher by the force of the other jumper landing. The smaller jumper is at risk of breaking a bone from the force.

Kidsafe recommend the following:

  • Only one user on the trampoline at a time.
  • Supervise children using the trampoline at all times.
  • Trampolines are not recommended for children under six years of age.
  • Teach children how to correctly use the trampoline such as: jumping in the centre of the bed and focusing their eyes on the trampoline bed as this will help control bounce.
  • Adults should always model safe behaviour on trampolines.
  • Display clear safety signs such as “one at a time,” “bare feet only”, ”do not use when wet”, “do not jump onto or off the trampoline”.
  • Keep toddlers away from the trampoline when in use to prevent them from going underneath the trampoline.
  • A “spotter” can warn the trampoline user if they are moving off centre of the bed.
  • Do not attach chairs, ladders or planks etc. to the trampoline.
  • Take children to trampolining school to learn somersaults and the like.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne recommend the following:

  • Provide a fence of not less than 1.5 metres in height to prevent unsupervised access. Clearance of 2.5 metres around the trampoline is necessary so that, should a user fall from the trampoline they do not land on the fence. Fencing should follow the recommendations for swimming pools or spas that include self latching gates.
  • Children need to be closely supervised by an adult when using a trampoline.
  • Spring and frame pads should be used.
  • If the trampoline is outside and exposed to sun and rain, check regularly for signs of rusting and other damage.

We know, some of these are easier said than done – what kid doesn’t love playing on the trampoline at the same time as their siblings or cousins, and trying to get optimal bounce? But implementing what you can to at least minimise the risks of an injury, could make a big difference… kids will be kids!

And for the times where injury happens regardless of the measures you put into place, know what to do! Book your class today.

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