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By Casey De Farria
Casey De Farria
19 Apr, 2022

Pop-it fidgets – choking hazard warning

We recently shared a post on our Facebook page that got a lot of you talking – pop-it fidgets are a great toy for older kids, but it is not well known that (like many toys) they can break, and pieces can pose a choking risk for littlies.

“Warning to parents and families that have a child with the common pop-it fidget toys and also have an infant or toddler in the home! Tonight while holding my nephew I saw a bit of pink in his mouth so I investigated further and saw what I thought was a gumball. My sister Ellie felt it and realized it was rubber so she pulled at it and this piece of the toy had broken off somehow and it suctioned to his top gums. We’re lucky it ended this way and not in him choking. We just wanted to inform others that these toys can have faulty parts as this piece must have broken off and fallen on the floor for the baby to have gotten it. He is fine and the swelling immediately went down and he’s back to normal. It’s my suggestion to check these toys if you have them in the house and make sure they are of good quality. ** just to inform everyone this was from a mall kiosk and was a very flimsy rubber. The baby never had the pop-it himself. We believe the oldest child may have popped it and the small piece was on the floor somewhere in the playroom. He was not chewing directly on the toy at any point.** – Kendall

The part that had suctioned to the little one’s gum, and the swelling that resulted – image credit: supplied

“Please, please share this. It happened to my sweet little Lincoln last night. Thank goodness my sister Kendall randomly looked in his mouth and noticed something wasn’t right. We had about four of those pop-it toys floating around. Although they aren’t necessarily intended for infants, they are extremely popular with toddlers and older kids and they aren’t something you’d think would be harmful for a baby. . My kids love them. I never thought the little bubble parts could pop out and be so dangerous for babies and toddlers who put things in their mouths. Please check your pop-its and spread awareness about this because it literally could happen to anyone. I’m so incredibly grateful that it was caught when it was and that my little guy is going to be okay 😭😳.” – Ellie

The pop-it fidget toy image credit: supplied

NOTE: **with all toys, inspect regularly for wear, tear, and damage.

Thank you to Kendall and Ellie for sharing their scary experience, to raise awareness.

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