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Angelique Brady RN (B Nurs), Grad Cert in Critical Care Nursing.

I am an emergency trained Registered Nurse who has specialised in paediatrics and am currently working in one of Sydney’s major trauma hospitals. I have always had a love for emergency nursing and most, if not all of my training has been in advanced life support and higher acuity resuscitation for both kids and adults.

I am blessed with two children, a 3-year-old and a 9-month-old, who always keep me on my toes. Being a mum has been my greatest achievement and although challenging, has taught me how quickly these resilient and inquisitive little creatures can get themselves into trouble. Having the knowledge and skills to help when it is needed is both empowering and invaluable as a mum!!

As an emergency nurse, I have witnessed first-hand the role parents play in recognising and responding to their sick or injured child in the event of a medical emergency and how different the outcome can be for that child. Prevention is always the key to avoid a hospital presentation but even the most experienced of us have had a child who has been injured or become very become very unwell quickly. The difference is knowing what to do!!

I work for CPR Kids because I am passionate about empowering parents and carers of kids with knowledge and skills to act calmly and confidently if ever presented with an emergency situation and being apart of something that might one day save a child’s life.