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16 Aug, 2022

“When I lifted his face up I noticed that his lips had turned blue”

One of our CPR Kids educators shared her story – and it is an important reminder of how easily choking incidents can occur, and why knowing how to respond is vital.

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01 Aug, 2022

The low-down on 5 of the most common respiratory viruses

Adeno-who? Parainflu-what? It can be a lot to wrap your head around! Here are the facts on 5 of the most common respiratory viruses.

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18 Jul, 2022

Your essential first aid kit checklist

By popular request! Here is our comprehensive list of everything you need in your family first aid kit.

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05 Jul, 2022

… But why is it called ‘Fifth disease’? Facts on ‘slapped cheek’ (Fifth disease)

Fifth disease is a common infection — half of all adults have been infected during their childhood! But how much do you know about it?

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21 Jun, 2022

Do you know the most common cause of (and age for) burns in infants?

Knowing the most common causes of burns and the most at-risk age groups is vital in preventing burns.

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