CPR Kids in the Community - The Healthy Families Program for Rohingya Women

Through the CPR Kids Healthy Families program, CPR Kids taught Baby and Child CPR & First Aid skills to 31 women from the Rohingya and Burmese community in NSW.

The Healthy Families program, developed by CPR Kids,  is a collaborative initiative between Can Get Health, CPR Kids and NSW Refugee Health Service.

To ensure the content of the program was translated appropriately into Rohingya and Burmese, two Bilingual Community Educators were employed. The Educators were trained by NSW Refugee Health Service and CPR Kids, and supported Nicole Ovens, one of our educators, with the delivery of the program.

“Initially the women were cautious however it was a privilege to see them relax as the class progressed. They were interactive, eager to learn and asked questions despite the challenges for some with the language barrier. One thing that was apparent was they wanted more and most women approached me after the class and asked when they could come back again!! When leaving I was delighted to receive hugs and there was a "joyous" atmosphere both in and outside of the room that hadn't been there when I first arrived. The women felt empowered, worthwhile and enabled. They were enormously grateful to have had this opportunity. They were equipped with knowledge now that would help them to cope better when faced with a sick child and to any mother, regardless of culture or birthplace, that is the essence of all of us.” - Nicole Ovens, Educator, - Rohingya Community Class

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