CPR Kids and Westpac partner to create Rescue Rashie™


On average, one child dies each week in Australia as a result of preventable drowning. (Kidsafe NSW). This needs to change.

For this reason, we are proud to announce that CPR Kids has partnered with Westpac to create the Rescue Rashie, where the CPR instructions are quickly and readily available on the vest.

Whilst all Australians should know CPR, the Rescue Rashie is designed to be an invaluable addition to hands-on CPR training. Even if you know CPR, the Rescue Rashie serves as readily-available, immediate reminder of the steps.

The CPR instructions are printed onto the Rescue Rashie using sublimation printing which means that they won’t scratch off or fade in the sun. The instructions are designed for any child between 1-8 years old, so even if a child in a Rescue Rashie isn’t the one in trouble, it can be unzipped and the instructions followed easily.

Sarah Hunstead, CPR Kids founding director said "We are thrilled to partner with Westpac on the Rescue Rashie initiative. We know that CPR absolutely saves lives. Whilst hands-on CPR training remains invaluable, the addition of a Rescue Rashie where CPR instructions are written right on the vest, will be a great reminder of the CPR steps should a child be in trouble.

The CPR instructions align with the Australian Resuscitation Council Basic Life Support (CPR) guidelines - every child should wear one".

We’re getting Rescue Rashie ready before next summer hits. We’re inviting parents to register their interest in being one of the first to get one at rescuerashie.com.au and we’re committed to begin distributing them from summer.

About CPR Kids:

CPR Kids was founded in 2012 by Paediatric Emergency Nurse and mother of two – Sarah Hunstead. CPR Kids has a range of services from in-home CPR and First Aid classes and baby-specific first aid classes in selected maternity hospitals to corporate wellbeing programs and education programs encompassing the recognition of a sick child, as well as injury prevention and response.

CPR Kids also provides classes to the clients of Not- For -Profit organisations bringing this essential knowledge to those who otherwise may not have access to these life-saving skills.

 About Westpac and the Rescue Rashie project:

Westpac has a long history of saving Australian lives through the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service. As they mark out their 200th year as Australia’s oldest company, they wanted to create something that would help save Australian lives for years to come. The Rescue Rashie takes the lifesaving instructions on CPR signs and puts them right onto a child’s rash vest, exactly where they need to be.

Reference: KidSafe NSW http://www.kidsafensw.org/water-safety/