Why should I do a class with CPR Kids?

CPR Kids teaches you more than just First Aid. Our expert paediatric nurses and midwives empower you with the confidence to recognise and respond to your sick or injured child.

  • All our educators are specialised paediatric nurses or midwives and have current AHPRA registration.
  • Our classes follow the Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines and other nationally-recognised medical bodies.
  • All educators are parents or carers themselves and have experienced what they teach first-hand.
  • We offer post-class resources for learning retention and ongoing practice.
  • We can come to you at a time that suits you.
  • We offer open classes hosted by major private maternity hospitals.

Which class should I do?

There are many unique pressures that will make one class for difficult for different people. That's why we host a number of different classes so that you can choose one to suit your particular situation and needs. 

Is all CPR training the same?

No. CPR and First Aid classes can be perceived as boring and irrelevant. The CPR Kids classes break this common perception - they are fun, interactive and everything that you learn is tailored to your situation. Because we are all experienced paediatric nurses who have experienced everything we teach you, we can impart our skills and knowledge to you. We are also parents, so we understand how distressing it is to have a sick or injured child, and can help give you the skills to remain calm in an emergency.

How many people will be in my class?

+ Private Couples Class (in your home)

You can have a maximum of 2 adults in this class. Children welcome. Find out more about Private Couples classes.

+ Private Baby and Child First Aid (in your home in NSW, Qld and Vic)

You can have a private class in your home  for a group of 1-9 which is charges as a flat rate,  and a group of 10 or more people is charged at a per person rate. We ask that you have a maximum of 24 people in your class. Have more? Talk to us about what we can tailor for you. Find out more about Baby and Child First Aid.

+ Public Baby and Child First Aid (in selected maternity hospitals and community locations in NSW, Qld and Vic)

Join a CPR Kids public class -  recommended by maternity hospitals and obstetricians, there will be 16- 22 people in your class, depending on location.

+ Baby First Aid (in selected NSW maternity hospitals)

There will be up to 20 people in your class. Find out more about Baby First Aid.

+ Knowledge for Life (in selected NSW maternity hospitals)

There will be a maximum of 20 people in your class. Find out more about Knowledge for Life.

+ Focus on Families (in the workplace)

We will accommodate to your requirements and the structure of your course, but would recommend class sizes of 10-20 participants per class. Find out more about Focus on Families.

What do participants receive?

  • For the host of a private class or all participants in Knowledge for Life - a copy of A life. A finger. A pea up a nose. by Sarah Hunstead. This book covers all the topics learned in-class plus many more First Aid situations that affect children and babies.
  • A copy of the CPR kids e-guide to baby and child first aid for all participants.
  • A poster covering First Aid scenarios and CPR flowchart.
  • A fridge magnet of DRSABCD and other first aid.
  • Access to our YouTube channel - CPR Kids TV - so you can refresh your knowledge anytime.
  • A certificate of attendance can be provided upon request which may be used toward professional development (CPD) hours. Confirm with your workplace prior to booking your class. Please note, this is not an accreditation certificate.
  • A gift bag of child health items (in Knowledge for Life and Private Couples Classes only).

Do you do accredited courses?

Yes we do. Accredited classes include a Nationally Recognised Training certificate upon successful completion of the course. CPR Kids provides Nationally Recognised Training on behalf of and in partnership with The First Aid Group (Registered Training Organisation 32268). For further information please visit

Time & Location: We come to you at a time that suits you

+ HLTAID004: Provide an Emergency Response in an Education and Care Setting 

For HLTAID004 we require a group of 20 participants
Cost $230 per person
Duration 8 hours

A course specifically for those working in childcare, meeting the qualification standards for the Education and Care Services National Regulation. This course covers all the requirements for CPR, First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis.

+ HLTAID001: Provide CPR (AKA CPR Refresher Training)

For HLTAID001 we require a minimum of 10 participants
Cost $110 per person
Duration 3 hours

Upon completion, all participants will be able to perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on adults, children and infants.

Please contact us if you would like to book either of these classes.

Can I claim CPR Kids classes with my Health Fund?

It depends on your Health Fund. Our educators are Registered Nurses and Midwives, however, they do not have provider numbers so we cannot claim for you. Some Health Funds will refund part or full payment for First Aid courses. Please contact your fund for more details.

Can my children come?

+ Babies

Babies newborn to 6 months are welcome at all our classes.

+ Children 6 months to 8 years

Children aged 6 months to 8 years are welcome in classes based in your home (Baby and Child First Aid, Private Couples Class), however, for hospital-based classes we can only accomodate babies who aren’t mobile yet for their safety in the hospital environment (Baby First Aid and Knowledge for Life). Just be aware that if you have children present in your home class, the duration of the course might be a little bit longer to allow for nappy changes and feeds. For toddlers it is best to have the home class during a sleep time so you can concentrate on the information presented. We understand -  we are parents too!

+ Children 8 years to 14 years

Children 8 years to 14 years may come with you to any class free of charge as part of your ticket price (including Baby First Aid and Knowledge for Life).

Do you teach classes in the evening?

Yes, we can teach home classes in evenings (7pm is the latest start time), daytime and also weekends. We also hold Baby First Aid evening classes in hospitals.

Can I eat during my class?


+ Knowledge for Life:

Sandwiches, fruit, cakes, tea, coffee & juice or provided as part of your registration fee for this class.

+ Baby First Aid:

You are welcome to bring your dinner, snacks or refreshments to eat or drink during this class.

+ Baby & Child First Aid:

We would recommend eating dinner before your class because our classes are very hands-on. There is a short 5-min break during the class in which you might like to have a snack available for people in your class. Feel free to snack during the class, especially if you are pregnant.

Can I breastfeed during the class?

Yes, all our classes are breast-feeding friendly.

What's your payment and cancellation policy?

Payment in full is required at the time of booking via credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express).

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancellation.  Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation incurs a charge of 25% of your class fee.  Emergency situations (such as labour!) are exempt from cancellation fee.  No-shows incur a charge of the full class fee.

How far do you travel from the CBD?

CPR Kids travels to metro Sydney/Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/Melbourne for Baby & Child First Aid classes. Please note there may be a travel fee for some outer metro suburbs and locations beyond Sydney metro. Please contact us if you live outside of metro Sydney, we may be able to arrange a course. Live in a rural area? Get a big group together –  we love a road trip!

For Private Couples class, we travel Australia-wide. A travel fee will apply based on your location.

I live in a tiny apartment. How much space will we need?

We only need enough room for all participants to sit on the floor with a CPR manikin in front of them. Cosy is not a problem.

I have a big Mother’s group. Can you still teach us?

Yes we can! We have lots of options as to how we can meet the needs of your group. Contact us to see how we can meet your needs.

Private Baby & Child First Aid + Private Couples Class - where?

CPR Kids come to your home or venue of choice. Why not host the session in the local park on a sunny day?

Do you provide classes for not-for-profit organisations?

Yes, we partner with a number of NFP's to provide training for people in disadvantaged circumstances. If you would like to discuss our not-for-profit rates, please get in touch.

Where does the information you teach us come from?

We only teach Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines CPR. Other sources for first aid include ASCIA, The Asthma Foundation, and the ARC. For a more detailed reference list, please click here.

Who teaches the classes?

We are all Paediatric/Emergency/Intensive care/retrieval Nurses/midwives - specialising in paediatrics. Between us, the team at CPR Kids collectively have over 180 years of experience. We all have postgraduate qualifications ranging from Diplomas in Paediatrics to Masters Degrees in Critical Care. The founder and Director of CPR Kids, Sarah Hunstead, has over 15 years experience as a paediatric emergency nurse, is author of A life. A finger. A pea up a nose - A practical guide to baby and child First Aid and is the paediatric expert for the National Institute of First Aid Trainers. You can find out more about each of our wonderful educators here.

My workplace held a 1 day baby & child course with CPR Kids. I have been wanting to do a kids first aid course since my now 4.5 year old was tiny. I now also have an almost 18 month old. Sarah Hunstead who ran the day was amazing. The course was fantastic & so worthwhile. What I learned is invaluable. I have recommended CPR Kids to the preschool my boys attend & will recommend to everyone else I know.

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