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Helen Taylor, Dip Nursing - Paediatrics. Grad Cert Neonatal Nursing. Cert IV TAE.

I have been a Paediatric Nurse for almost 20 years now. The first 15 years of my Nursing career were spent in the UK where I worked in the areas of General Paediatrics, Oncology, Special Care Nursery and Paediatric Intensive Care.

Teaching has always been my passion and I get great job satisfaction in empowering families to care for their newborn babies and children. Being able to teach a skill such as child CPR to parents, grandparents and members of the wider community is something that I am deeply passionate about.

I am also a busy mother of two. I have a son who is 9 years old who has over the last 3 years tried every sport known to man (thank goodness for cycle helmets, knee pads and mouth guards!) I also have a daughter who is nearly 13 years old and approaching a whole new world of adolescence which brings its own set of challenges.

Knowledge is power and if you have the skills to perform CPR on your child, a neighbour's child or indeed a stranger then you really can make a difference and save a child’s life. Nobody wants to think that at some point this could be your child, but it could be and if it happened to you, you’d truly wish you knew what to do!