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Kirsten Newton

CPR Kids EducaTOR

Kirsten Newton RN (B.Nurs), Grad Certificate Paediatric Critical Care, Grad Certificate Neonatal Intensive Care, Graduate Diploma Child and Health, MN (Clinical Leadership).

I am a registered nurse with over 20 years’ experience in paediatric and neonatal intensive care.

Many parents don’t know what to do when their child is sick or injured. Knowing what to do and having the confidence to respond can make all the difference.

 I am also a mother to two teenage boys. With two adventurous, unpredictable boys who have no fear, I have had to put my first aid skills to the test many times.

I have learnt that children are unpredictable and things can change in an instant. Knowledge is the key.

Working with CPR Kids allows me to share my knowledge and experience with families. It allows me to empower families with knowledge and skills so they can recognise and respond to their sick or injured child calmly and with confidence.