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11 May 2017

'Imagine if everybody knew': the information CPR Kids founder Sarah Hunstead wants all parents to have

Sarah Hunstead is not a fan of kids running with things in their mouths. In her 15 years as a paediatric emergency nurse, she has treated a child who accidentally swallowed her pocket money, a girl who speared her tonsil with a chopstick, and youngsters who came a cropper while eating frankfurters, boiled lollies, cherry tomatoes...

Read the article here: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/imagine-if-everybody-knew-the-information-cpr-kids-founder-sarah-hunstead-wants-all-parents-to-have-20170421-gvpd1s.html





Yesterday a group of friends and I completed a course with Tara from CPR kids. It was a fun and interesting class with so much information that could help save a life. We were able to practice doing CPR on the Manikins as well as learning what techniques to use if someone was choking plus much more. I would highly recommend. Thank you CPR Kids

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