Lisa Hewitt Customer Service & Bookings

Lisa Hewitt
Customer Service & Bookings

Lisa Hewitt 

From the day my son was born, I started to think about what would happen the day he decided to jump off our fireplace calling out: “Mum, I can fly!” or the day he cut his lip or bumped his head… The list could go on!

Knowing that these things can happen in a split second, I armed myself by attending a CPR and First Aid class and instantly felt better prepared in knowing what to do. It’s so important to have the knowledge and skills to act in an emergency situation. It’s something we all should have as it’s such an important tool – as a parent, guardian, carer, grandparent, aunt or uncle.

I love working for CPR Kids and hope you enjoy your class with us. I also hope to provide you with an excellent customer service experience!