Sue Jones CPR Kids Educator

Sue Jones
CPR Kids Educator

Sue Jones MSc, Community Specialist Practitioner (Community Children's Nursing). BSc, (Hons), Child Health Nursing. Dip, Nursing Child Health Branch.

I am a registered paediatric nurse with over 20 years paediatric nursing experience working in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. I have worked in a wide range of paediatric specialities including general medicine, medical specialities, palliative care, nephrology and school nursing within the hospital, community, hospice and school settings.

I am the mother to two very cheeky children under the age of 4 years – an accident prone 3.5 year old boy and a fearless 19 month old little girl. Life is more than a little hectic!

I am a keen paddler and active member of Sydney Outrigger Canoe Club competing in outrigger regattas throughout NSW as well as further afield.

If I wasn’t a nurse, and had slightly better sea legs, I would follow another passion and work as a scuba diving instructor. Sharing your knowledge and passion with others allows you the privilege of seeing the difference this newly acquired knowledge and skill can make to a person.

Through my work as a paediatric nurse, my role as a mother, an auntie and friend I have experienced first hand the devastating effects accidents can have on children and their families and how quickly things can change. I want to be part of this journey and help prevent accidents occurring in the first place whilst arming parents and carers with the skills to safely and confidently manage situations. Knowledge is key and I’m excited to be sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.