Hugely worthwhile.

“I did the course this weekend with a group of friends.

We had a lovely instructor (who was a paediatrician who works in a children's ICU) come to our apartment and run through the course.

The way she ran through the different topics was great.

She started with asking us what we thought we would do in a specific situation and used that to prompt the discussion of the right way to react and the reasons why.

So many simple everyday things that you would never have thought of and all brought to life with real examples.

For example, write your address on the CPR poster they provide as parents or babysitters will not know your address should they need to call an ambulance...or in the heat of the moment you yourself might not recall it.

What I found particularly useful was that she brought mannequins to practise CPR on - both baby and toddler size.

This really brought the lessons home as when she talked through what to do it seemed pretty straightforward.

It was only when practising it on the mannequin did it become apparent how difficult this can be and demonstrated the importance of being equipped with this knowledge and practise should a situation ever present itself.

A hugely worthwhile course and like other people have said, I hope I never have to use it.

— A.R..

So much more confident

We held a Baby and Child CPR and First Aid Course at our home. Jo, the instructor was absolutely fantastic, super friendly and extremely knowledgeable.
Getting to practice on 'Annie's' made it so much easier to get a real understanding of correct CPR on babies and children.
Having the course in our home, made it much simpler and more comfortable for us with a young baby.
I hope I never have to put this knowledge to use, but definitely feel like a much more confident new mum now! 
Thank you so much!”

— S,F.

A great Sunshine Coast class

I completed the class yesterday at the Sunshine Coast- it was fantastic. I found that I received just the right amount of information to be able to take everything in and leave the class feeling confident that if anything happened to my Bub I would be able to help him.

- S.J.P

Very Informative!

My husband and I both attended a knowledge for life first aid course recently and it was fantastic. Great value for money - We each received a goodie bag filled with really useful tools such as a thermometer and cute ice pack. Plus posters, magnets and a book filled with great advice. 
Very informative - In 6 hours, we covered all the vital things new parents need to know about choking, fever, burns, CPR on babies and kids, breathing, head injuries and diarrhoea and vomiting. Everything was specifically targeted at newborns to 5 year olds. 
Great feedback - You got to ask lots of questions and talk about what to do if... very hands on and kept you moving during the 6 hour session. 
Excellent follow up - The day course was just the start. We have since had lots of emails and access to videos and more information to continue our learning. 
I feel very supported by CPR Kids. It didn't feel like just a one off course at all. I will definitely be attending more courses in the future as my children get older.

— A.L.

Gone from petrified to confident

I attended the CPR+Kids course today at Sydney North Shore Private Hospital.

As a grandfather of a 16 month old grandson who is a "reserve" carer I was looking for an increase in confidence. I found the course excellent as it had a good balance between theory and practice especially in performing CPR on dummies. I reckon I have gone from been petrified to fairly confident should an incident happen in my care. A must for all grandparents, carers and of course the parents. Thank you to this good organisation!

- J.D

Super easy to have a class in our home

What a wonderful class! Full of useful information presented in a manner that was easy to understand. Our instructor Vicky was kind, patient, passionate and had many relate-able stories of her own to share.
Super easy being able to have the class in our own home. No need to organise child care and our friends loved it as well.
Would highly recommend doing this course to anyone with a baby on the way or who already have kids.

- R.E.T

Minimal cost considering it could save your babies life

We did the kids cpr course when my son was 2 months old, and brought our 10 & 12 yo daughters too.

We all really enjoyed the day- fabulous facilitator, well set out, and at the time it gave us all the confidence to know that if something happened, we were prepared.

Last night my son started choking on a piece of potato. Without doing the training I absolutely would've panicked and it terrifies me to think what might've happened. Instead I was able to put my training straight into practice and dislodge the potato. I've been meaning to write a review since the day we did the course and today I made sure it was the first thing I did. I can't recommend it enough.

My husband and I agreed (even pre choking incident) that we will do it each year. It's probably the best money we have spent since Max arrived, and parents will know how much is spent on a baby. Honestly, the course is informative and enjoyable, the cost minimal when you consider it could save your babies life, and in the hope you never have to use it, it's at least going to give you the peace of mind that you've prepared yourself. Do it for yourself, invite your family, or get your new parent friends a voucher to do it. Not the most glamorous or cute gift, but hands down the best one they'll get. 
Happy to answer any questions etc from anyone looking to do it. Please do it.

— J.Y.

Clear guidance for Grandparents and carers too!

I’m a mother of three and Grandparent of one, soon to be two,

I went to the class at Norwest with my daughter in preparation for here first baby, the training we received was excellent and it left me feeling more confident, as a grandparent I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with the responsibility of my beautiful Grandson especially when it comes to handling an emergency or accident with him.

 I’ve left the course feeling more confident armed with some really useful information and tips, the course provides clear guidance about the role of parents and caregivers when accidents happen and simple straight forward steps to follow to reduce going into panic mode, thank you so much for provide such a great service to the community, hope lots of people get on board.

- H.M.B

A great course for expectant parents

A great course for expectant parents or even after baby is born. I recently did this with my mothers group and found Lisa to be very knowledgeable and didn't mind all of our questions or talking along the way which made the day very personalised and a great learning experience.

- J.G.